Brainetics Review

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Hello, my name is Jill and I’d like to share my own personal Brainetics review with you.

I’m the proud parent of ten-year-old Max and eight-year-old Callie. My daughter always had a natural aptitude for school and had no trouble getting straight A’s. My son, however, was lagging behind. He just didn’t seem interested in most of his classes. Max would rather be outside riding his bike, spending time with his friends or painting a picture.

The tediousness of math really overwhelmed him, which led me to investigate different tutoring options. At $25 to $50 per hour, I could see that fixing Max’s problem was going to cost our family a lot of money. My husband and I had tried to go over Max’s homework with him numerous times, but it seemed he just became bored and frustrated every time. So would tutoring really even work?

One night five years ago, we were watching an episode of 20/20, which featured a Brainetics review of sorts, although I didn’t know it at the time. The show chronicled a Chicago area program run by a man named Mike Byster, who is also known as a “Human Calculator.” He’s been spreading his passion for numbers in schools for years, with truly amazing results.

I couldn’t believe the kids were just shouting out answers to seemingly complex questions in a matter of minutes! After seeing that show and how much fun the kids were having, my husband and I knew a program like this was the answer to our problems with Max, who was now down to a C- in mathematics.

I, like apparently 20,000 other parents, wrote Mike Byster a letter inquiring about the program and he let me know he was “in the process of figuring something out.” Five years later, his in-school program “Mike’s Math” has been backed by investors and is now known as “Brainetics,” a revolutionary math and memory system that comes with a series of five DVDs, Parents’ Manual, Playbook, Flash Cards and Playing Cards. I read that Branetics won the Parent’s Gold Choice Award and has been featured in Reader’s Digest too, which was encouraging.

Even though the full program cost $149, I was saving so much on tutoring fees it really didn’t matter to us. I could have selected the $14.95 30-day trial, but once I heard Mike Byster was involved, I was sold! I was especially excited about the first DVD, which was aimed at improving focus and concentration.

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The second DVD was about easing learning anxiety. The third DVD centered around opening creativity and teaching how to see patterns. The fourth DVD helps kids increase mental capacity and efficiency, while the fifth DVD focuses on improving mental organization and increasing memory (which I could use some of too!) And so my Brainetics review began!

I barely got the package open when Callie came running into the room, yelling, “What’s that, mommy? What’s that – a game?” Even Max seemed interested when he took a look at the playing cards and the playbook. We practiced with the kids for 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks, as the program recommended, and we just could not believe the impact it had on our family!

Callie and Max were soon competing against one another to get the answers to math and spelling problems out at mind-blowing speeds. They were laughing and even taking the initiative to practice on their own. Max was so excited about his progress that he called his grandparents and cousins over to see what he could do. That just about melted my heart! I loved how confident he became.

Now that Max had a system in place, his grades began improving and his teachers asked if I had gotten him a tutor. I’m proud to report that my son has gone from C’s to A’s in a short period of time and his newfound confidence is taking him to places he never imagined before.

I hope this Brainetics review has helped you understand the profound effect the right educational program can have on your family. I have my friends if they have a child who needs a boost in math, spelling or just confidence, Brainetics is definitely worth a try.

If you are considering trying Brainetics you can simply get the 30-day risk free trial for $14.95. If you don’t like it you can return it for a full refund. No risk and no hassle.

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Brainetics Scam

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Perhaps you’ve heard rumors about a Brainetics scam going around. For many parents, the idea that kids can improve their math and spelling skills with the Brainetics program DVDs and flash cards in just 20 minutes per day for 3 weeks seems unbelievable. “Can we really train our kids to be human calculators”, they wonder?

Some may argue, “Well these kids are only improving because their parents care enough to invest in something like this.” Now, it’s true that there is no substitute for parental involvement. Yes, the work we put in will help our kids, no matter if we buy a system or not.

What I found in the so-called Brainetics scam is that it was so much more fun than sitting there with textbooks and calculators! Brainetics actually gives parents fun tools to inspire a hunger for knowledge, which is the key to academic achievement.

Others insist that there is a Brainetics scam because they tried to download it for free on some third party website and – surprise – got a virus! The saying “the best things in life are free” does not apply to offers on the Internet. I find it hard to believe someone would risk getting a virus, when he or she could have just received a 30-day trial for only $14.95.

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Another pool of Brainetics scam complainers allege that it’s just a bunch of “gimmicks” that aren’t applicable to the real world. Yet, I firmly believe these people did not take the time to really master the system from start to finish.

Brainetics is about so much more than just memorization, after all. The later DVDs focus on seeing patterns, improving your organization and expanding brain capacity – which are all skills that can help students on any problem in any classroom.

Before you believe the naysayers who cry “Avoid the Brainetics scam like the plague” – do a little investigating of your own by ordering the trial and you’ll see, like I did, that Brainetics is, in fact, a wonderful program that every child should try out.

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Free Brainetics Download?

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Have you heard about sites offering a free Brainetics download?

As a consumer, I sometimes find it very confusing to find what I need on the Internet. Some DVDs, books, CDs and games still come in hard copy format, so you order, pay for the items plus shipping & handling with a credit card, and wait five to seven business days for your order to arrive by mail.

Other DVDs, books, CDs and games come in downloadable format, where you click a few buttons, type in some contact information and wait for the file to load onto your computer.

Often websites contain offers such as “Get the Brainetics Download Absolutely Free!” Then I wonder, “Well, why would I pay to buy the whole program if I could get a Brainetics download for nothing? In fact, why would anyone buy the real thing?”

I have a bit of bad news for you… the Brainetics download is a total scam! It’s one of those awful Trojan computer viruses that will shut down your entire system! Anything that says you need to type a “key” or “crack code” in to use is not a legitimate download.

Unfortunately, the download scams are constantly updating and changing – much like a real virus – so it’s hard for all anti-virus software on the market to keep up. Why risk it on the Brainetics download when you can get a 30-day trial of the official DVDs and materials for just $14.95?

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The Brainetics program says that you should be able to see noticeable improvement in your kids’ math and spelling abilities within three weeks. You will have plenty of time to assess whether you feel Brainetics is worth the full $149 or not.

I think most parents would agree that the cost of Brainetics would only pay for five hours of tutoring, so in that regard, it’s actually a great deal. Steer clear of too-good-to-be-true “free Brainetics download” offers and try the legitimate version instead!

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Brainetics Tricks

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Have you heard about the Brainetics tricks that have so many parents and teachers ranting and raving? There’s a reason why the Brainetics program, developed by gifted “Human Calculator” Mike Byster, won the Parent’s Gold Choice Award – the highest possible honor. It’s been featured on 20/20, Fox, The Discovery Channel, CBS, NBC, ABC and The History Channel.

Brainetics tricks promise to inspire kids to learn and develop a unique ability to problem solve. They mathematics and spelling Brainetics tricks offer a complete system that expands the mind, teaches you to organize data better and improves memory.

Brainetics tricks are so amazing, you wonder why a teacher hadn’t explained them this way before! For example, would you be able to answer “What is 95 x 96” in a matter of seconds? Kids who’ve learned Brainetics tricks can! They would think, “Well, 95 is 5 away from 100 and 96 is 4 away from 100 and 95 minus 4 is 91, so that means the first two digits will be a 91… and since 5 times’ 4 is 20, so the last two digits are 20… the answer is 9120!” This Brainetics trick will work with any number in the 90s.

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Now say you’re looking for Brainetics tricks to multiply three digit numbers between 100 and 109. Do you know what 107 x 105 is? Do you want to know?

Here are a few hints from the master of Brainetics tricks, Mike Byster himself. The first number will always be 1. For the next two digits, add the last two numbers (7 + 5 = 12). So far, your number is 112##. For the last two digits, multiply the last two digits (7 x 5 = 35). The answer to 107 x 105 is simply 11,235. How amazing is that?

By learning some simple Brainetics tricks, your son or daughter will feel like a human calculator capable of impressing family, friends, teachers and classmates and boosting their self confidence and school grades.

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Brainetics Secrets

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Are you wondering about the Brainetics secrets espoused by the Human Calculator, Mike Byster? His program, which includes five DVDs, a Parents’ Guide book, a Playbook, Playing Cards and Flash Cards is essential to really comprehend the Brainetics secrets.

The beautiful thing about the program is that the Brainetics secrets are very much like magic – only, magic in mathematics, spelling and problem solving! What an exciting way to introduce your kids to education! Kids love to show off their newfound abilities that never cease to amaze spectators.

Imagine: you’re at a party and someone asks your fifth grade son, “Hey, what’s 107 x 105?” To the entire room’s amazement, your son immediately replies, “Well that would be… 11,235,” without hardly blinking an eye. How did he do that? From a bystander’s perspective, this child must be a genius or a savant of some sort. Yet, your son is merely using one of the Brainetics secrets which is identifying a pattern and then making a quicker, simpler calculation in his head.

When the question is fired off, he first thinks, “Okay, this is a three-digit 100-109 block equation.”

Then he thinks of the rules for that type of calculation and says to himself, “All I have to do is basically add the last two digits and multiply the last two digits, tacking them onto the first number which is always one.”

So, you see, your son has used the Brainetics secrets for 107 x 105 to determine: 1####, 7+5 = 12 = 1,12##, 7×5 = 35 = 11,235.

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Kids will gather Brainetics secrets that can help them with any mathematical calculation at school, which will speed up the amount of time it takes for your son or daughter to take a test. The program will train your child to be more confident answering questions in class.

Best of all, the proven Brainetics secrets will give your child a sense of pride and accomplishment to have mastered seemingly impossible calculations without a calculator or pen and paper.

You can try the complete Brainetics Secrets course for only $14.95.  Use it for 30 days and if you love it, keep it. If not return it for a full refund.

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Brainetics 20/20

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Did you see the Brainetics 20/20 show? This is where I first heard of Brainetics. Although it wasn’t called Brainetics that at that time.

The 20/20 interviewer asked, “Here’s a little quiz: try adding these three digit numbers together… in your head” . The Human Calculator, Mike Byster, lists five three-digit numbers and, in mere seconds, a little girl shouts out the answer. He then goes on to ask students to multiply 9259 x 2153 without a calculator or pen and paper. A boy calmly recites the answer – 19,934,627 in mere seconds. “They think it’s fun and that it’s a game, although it really isn’t,” explains Byster.

“Kids have such a tremendous amount of mental capacity if they just push themselves and use it,” Byster tells Brainetics 20/20. Everyone would agree that Mike Byster himself is a natural-born genius. By age 3 or 4, he had already memorized all of the US Presidents! He was immediately aware that he could see patterns in everything, which enabled him to learn much faster than his peers.

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Rather than showing people what he could do, Mike wanted to show kids what they could do. He quit working in the Mercantile Trade industry to start teaching children. With his own son, Mike decided to do a fun exercise where they would memorize a number and tack on an additional digit each day. At the time of the Brainetics 20/20 special, Mike’s son was up to 200 memorized digits!

Mike has developed hundreds of shortcuts and patterns to help kids figure out the mystery behind math. He believes that kids should begin the program in 4th grade and continue to build their brain muscles and enhance their natural abilities. In the end, the Brainetics 20/20 gave enthusiastic rave reviews to the product and mentioned that their coverage was so influential, it attracted throngs of investors who helped Mike Byster build the DVD/workbook kit you can purchase today.

After seeing Brainetics on 20/20 I purchased it and now math and spelling are my children’s favorite classes. Going from a C- to an A was very exciting for me as a parent but even more exciting and confidence building for my son.

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