Brainetics 20/20

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Did you see the Brainetics 20/20 show? This is where I first heard of Brainetics. Although it wasn’t called Brainetics that at that time.

The 20/20 interviewer asked, “Here’s a little quiz: try adding these three digit numbers together… in your head” . The Human Calculator, Mike Byster, lists five three-digit numbers and, in mere seconds, a little girl shouts out the answer. He then goes on to ask students to multiply 9259 x 2153 without a calculator or pen and paper. A boy calmly recites the answer – 19,934,627 in mere seconds. “They think it’s fun and that it’s a game, although it really isn’t,” explains Byster.

“Kids have such a tremendous amount of mental capacity if they just push themselves and use it,” Byster tells Brainetics 20/20. Everyone would agree that Mike Byster himself is a natural-born genius. By age 3 or 4, he had already memorized all of the US Presidents! He was immediately aware that he could see patterns in everything, which enabled him to learn much faster than his peers.

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Rather than showing people what he could do, Mike wanted to show kids what they could do. He quit working in the Mercantile Trade industry to start teaching children. With his own son, Mike decided to do a fun exercise where they would memorize a number and tack on an additional digit each day. At the time of the Brainetics 20/20 special, Mike’s son was up to 200 memorized digits!

Mike has developed hundreds of shortcuts and patterns to help kids figure out the mystery behind math. He believes that kids should begin the program in 4th grade and continue to build their brain muscles and enhance their natural abilities. In the end, the Brainetics 20/20 gave enthusiastic rave reviews to the product and mentioned that their coverage was so influential, it attracted throngs of investors who helped Mike Byster build the DVD/workbook kit you can purchase today.

After seeing Brainetics on 20/20 I purchased it and now math and spelling are my children’s favorite classes. Going from a C- to an A was very exciting for me as a parent but even more exciting and confidence building for my son.

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