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Hello, my name is Jill and I’d like to share my own personal Brainetics review with you.

I’m the proud parent of ten-year-old Max and eight-year-old Callie. My daughter always had a natural aptitude for school and had no trouble getting straight A’s. My son, however, was lagging behind. He just didn’t seem interested in most of his classes. Max would rather be outside riding his bike, spending time with his friends or painting a picture.

The tediousness of math really overwhelmed him, which led me to investigate different tutoring options. At $25 to $50 per hour, I could see that fixing Max’s problem was going to cost our family a lot of money. My husband and I had tried to go over Max’s homework with him numerous times, but it seemed he just became bored and frustrated every time. So would tutoring really even work?

One night five years ago, we were watching an episode of 20/20, which featured a Brainetics review of sorts, although I didn’t know it at the time. The show chronicled a Chicago area program run by a man named Mike Byster, who is also known as a “Human Calculator.” He’s been spreading his passion for numbers in schools for years, with truly amazing results.

I couldn’t believe the kids were just shouting out answers to seemingly complex questions in a matter of minutes! After seeing that show and how much fun the kids were having, my husband and I knew a program like this was the answer to our problems with Max, who was now down to a C- in mathematics.

I, like apparently 20,000 other parents, wrote Mike Byster a letter inquiring about the program and he let me know he was “in the process of figuring something out.” Five years later, his in-school program “Mike’s Math” has been backed by investors and is now known as “Brainetics,” a revolutionary math and memory system that comes with a series of five DVDs, Parents’ Manual, Playbook, Flash Cards and Playing Cards. I read that Branetics won the Parent’s Gold Choice Award and has been featured in Reader’s Digest too, which was encouraging.

Even though the full program cost $149, I was saving so much on tutoring fees it really didn’t matter to us. I could have selected the $14.95 30-day trial, but once I heard Mike Byster was involved, I was sold! I was especially excited about the first DVD, which was aimed at improving focus and concentration.

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The second DVD was about easing learning anxiety. The third DVD centered around opening creativity and teaching how to see patterns. The fourth DVD helps kids increase mental capacity and efficiency, while the fifth DVD focuses on improving mental organization and increasing memory (which I could use some of too!) And so my Brainetics review began!

I barely got the package open when Callie came running into the room, yelling, “What’s that, mommy? What’s that – a game?” Even Max seemed interested when he took a look at the playing cards and the playbook. We practiced with the kids for 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks, as the program recommended, and we just could not believe the impact it had on our family!

Callie and Max were soon competing against one another to get the answers to math and spelling problems out at mind-blowing speeds. They were laughing and even taking the initiative to practice on their own. Max was so excited about his progress that he called his grandparents and cousins over to see what he could do. That just about melted my heart! I loved how confident he became.

Now that Max had a system in place, his grades began improving and his teachers asked if I had gotten him a tutor. I’m proud to report that my son has gone from C’s to A’s in a short period of time and his newfound confidence is taking him to places he never imagined before.

I hope this Brainetics review has helped you understand the profound effect the right educational program can have on your family. I have my friends if they have a child who needs a boost in math, spelling or just confidence, Brainetics is definitely worth a try.

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