Free Brainetics Download?

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Have you heard about sites offering a free Brainetics download?

As a consumer, I sometimes find it very confusing to find what I need on the Internet. Some DVDs, books, CDs and games still come in hard copy format, so you order, pay for the items plus shipping & handling with a credit card, and wait five to seven business days for your order to arrive by mail.

Other DVDs, books, CDs and games come in downloadable format, where you click a few buttons, type in some contact information and wait for the file to load onto your computer.

Often websites contain offers such as “Get the Brainetics Download Absolutely Free!” Then I wonder, “Well, why would I pay to buy the whole program if I could get a Brainetics download for nothing? In fact, why would anyone buy the real thing?”

I have a bit of bad news for you… the Brainetics download is a total scam! It’s one of those awful Trojan computer viruses that will shut down your entire system! Anything that says you need to type a “key” or “crack code” in to use is not a legitimate download.

Unfortunately, the download scams are constantly updating and changing – much like a real virus – so it’s hard for all anti-virus software on the market to keep up. Why risk it on the Brainetics download when you can get a 30-day trial of the official DVDs and materials for just $14.95?

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The Brainetics program says that you should be able to see noticeable improvement in your kids’ math and spelling abilities within three weeks. You will have plenty of time to assess whether you feel Brainetics is worth the full $149 or not.

I think most parents would agree that the cost of Brainetics would only pay for five hours of tutoring, so in that regard, it’s actually a great deal. Steer clear of too-good-to-be-true “free Brainetics download” offers and try the legitimate version instead!

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